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Semiconductor Facilities

Semiconductor Valve Solutions

Few manufacturers require the level of precision demanded by the semiconductor facilities industry. Cleanroom processes involve various liquids and chemical solutions, of different levels of purity, administered at different intervals during the manufacturing process. 

Engineers designing reliable fluid distribution systems within chip fabrication facilities look to Warren Valve for their valve needs. Our cast and forged stainless steel valves, used in numerous high-stress applications, are proven solutions for the demands of modern semiconductor manufacturing facilities. 

Valves for Semiconductor Applications

Semiconductor valves have to meet a range of requirements beyond simply turning on and off. They must also be capable of maintaining the integrity and cleanliness of the liquid in question, permitting no substances such as iron particles from contaminating the stream. The valves in question in some cases must also be self-draining or even threadless to prevent bacteria from growing inside. 

Warren Valve products have been tested and proven across numerous industries.

  • Our cast and forged stainless steel valves have been used in saltwater disposal wells and on offshore platforms thanks to their superior corrosion resistance properties.
  • Warren Valve has built a reputation as a Tier One Valve Manufacturer in the oil & gas industry, where our products are used at numerous points in oil and gas pipelines.
  • Warren supplies valves to the petrochemical industry, where a diverse mix of substances – including feedstock, chemicals, pollutants and more – are frequently used in highly sophisticated processes.

Stainless Steel Valves for Semiconductor Manufacturers

Our stainless steel gate valves are an affordable option for running the chemicals needed in semiconductor production processes. For added durability and immediate shutoff capability, our stainless steel trunnion mounted ball valves are threadless for high purity environments. And our products are engineered for outstanding quality:

  • ANSI Classes 150 – 2500 available
  • Valves available with full stainless steel body and trim
  • Double block and bleed, emergency sealing injection fittings, NACE and fire-safe standard
  • Fully compatible for automated control systems


We have adjusted our own processes to match the needs of the semiconductor industry. We use the highest quality materials. Our commitment to quality is second to none, and we exceed industry standards to offer our customers nothing but the very best. Contact us today to learn more.

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