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Pulp & Paper

As the world continues to modernize, we find ourselves in a more electronically based communications age, where the need for paper has been greatly reduced.  However, as the digital age advances, we still rely on pulp & paper applications in everyday consumer goods. 

Whether we are opening the cardboard boxes from a recent online purchase, printing email correspondence in the office, reading the literature and magazines we love, or cleaning up the mess in the kitchen with paper towels, many of the products we utilize revolve around the pulp and paper industry.

Caustic Service

Warren Valve offers a full line of gate, globe, check, and ball valves to accommodate many of the corrosive chemicals found throughout a pulp and paper mill. Correct valve selection throughout the many phases of a pulp and paper mill is extremely important. Pressure, temperature rating, and body material construction, along with packing and gasket combinations all factor into selecting the correct valve for each paper mill application. Harsh processes in the mill such as green, white, and black liquors require corrosive resistant valves with CF8M or F316 body material. Steam applications throughout the mill utilize A216 WCB or A105N material Gate, Globe, and Check Valves, as well as floating ball valves. 

Warren Valve full port, quarter-turn ball valves, manufactured in cast carbon steel, cast stainless steel, and multiple high alloys are the perfect option for corrosive media throughout a paper & pulp mill. Full port ball valves help to fight the battle of scaling or the buildup of deposits in almost every process line at the mill.  Scale build-up greatly restricts flow through pipelines, and can also occur on the surface of the ball. Utilizing a full port ball valve scrapes away scaling buildup, when the valve is cycled. Warren ball valves are also offered with direct mount, ISO pads for quick and easy actuation. Learn how to order for your paper & pulp application today!

Power House

Many pulp and paper mills generate their own power on-site through steam generation from natural gas or coal-fired turbines.  Warren Valve two-piece and three-piece trunnion mounted ball valves are designed to operate in the most critical, high pressure services found throughout the fuel supply system to the powerhouse.

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