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Oil & Gas Valves

Warren Valve has built a reputation over the past decade as a Tier One Valve Manufacturer in the Oil and Gas industry.  Warren has built a loyal end-user following in many of the oil and gas hot spots within our country. 

Warren Valve oil & gas pipeline valve solutions are used throughout the entire oil and gas supply chain. From extraction at well head, on land or at sea, to the emergency shut down valves (ESV) located just outside the refinery fence. Furthermore, our extensive range of gate, globe, check, ball valves are installed in a broad range of the oil and gas industry's toughest applications. Warren Valve has an install base in all major gathering, Interstate, and distribution pipeline systems.  As well as a diverse mix of products located at tank batteries, compressor stations, saltwater treatment and disposal facilities, and onsite tank and terminals.


Oil & Gas Solutions

The oil and gas industry presents a unique set of challenges. Luckily, Warren Valve has a wide variety of high-quality valve solutions to meet these challenges head-on: 


  • • API monogrammed.
  • • Our products are tested to most strict industry standards - Fugitive Emissions (API 624, API 641 and ISO 15848-1) and Fire-safety (API 607)
  • • Unequaled safety and dependability in hazardous operating conditions. 
  • • Products that are designed for extreme services in harsh environments. Erosion and corrosion resistant valves, in high alloys and with specialized surface coatings.
  • • Designed for endurance and easy reusability.
  • • Asset management support for the entire life cycle.

In 2019, Warren Valve opened a state of the art trunnion ball valve manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. As our valued customers continue to invest in American jobs, Warren valve made a commitment to its community to do the same. Warren Valve is proud to offer a variety of products that are made in the USA. Our products are assembled and tested right here in Houston from a combination of domestic and/or globally sourced components. Please consider Warren Valve as a solution to your next Oil & Gas valve requirements.

Compressor Station

Compressor stations are located along gas pipelines at regular intervals (generally every 40 to 100 miles). These stations are vital to the natural gas transportation process.  They compress the gas to a pre-specified pressure, which allows it to travel through the pipelines.

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Tank Batteries

A tank battery is a system consisting of produced water, natural gas, and crude oil storage tanks, connected by pipelines, used to store these products.

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Major gas pipelines receive a product from various other locations in a supply chain. This includes Gathering, Intrastate, Interstate pipelines, and Distribution. These locations include gathering lines, tank farms, or (in the case of finished products) refineries and petrochemical plants

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Produced Water

Produced water (also called brine) is a byproduct of modern oil and gas production. Naturally-occurring water that was trapped underground is brought to the surface during the production of oil and gas reservoirs.

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Terminals (also called tank farms) are industrial storage facilities consisting of large tanks and other equipment. Tank farms handle large quantities of oil and/or other liquid petrochemical storage before the product is transported for import, export, or further pipeline transmission.

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Salt Water Disposal

When oil production comes from certain sites where water with an unusually high salt content is involved (such as in shale sites), the produced water generally must be disposed of.

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Offshore Platforms

The topside of an oilrig encompasses the surface deck of a platform, which includes all equipment for drilling, production and processing. Any portion of the oil platform, which is above the water line, is considered the “Topside”.

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