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OEM Valves

With increasing consumer demand for oil and gas, refining, and petrochemical products, the need for rapid expansion and development of new units and production facilities grows.  This also increases the need for third party contractors and equipment manufactures to assist with construction. Fabricators, contractors and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) offer several benefits to end-users looking to grow and expand their production. From large capital projects, to quick turnarounds, todays OEM’s and fabricators can be found in every part of the supply chain.

Warren Valve supports OEM fabricators across the country by stocking a 100 million dollar inventory in gate, globe, check, and ball valves.  Our commitment to quality, and our ability to develop and manage a multinational supply chain, has allowed Warren Valve to move quickly with market demand generated from OEM and Fabrication.

What does Fabrication do for End-users?

Modular fabrication and process skids manufacturing, allow specific industries to meet its piping, valve, and equipment needs quickly and efficiently for the OEM industry. Some key reasons to look to fabrication over onsite construction include.

Speed of construction – Less time spent waiting for pipelines and piping systems to be built onsite.  Modular fabrication allows for rapid construction and quick delivery.

Quick Installation – Once construction is complete, fabricated equipment can quickly be shipped in skids and stored efficiently. Valve Settings are installed with relative ease once it reaches its final destination.

Cost Effectiveness – Modular fabrication is extremely cost effective when compared to onsite construction.  Inefficiencies in design and construction have been removed.  Uncontrollable elements, such as weather and other environmental factors are mitigated when the majority of construction takes place offsite in a controlled work space.

Chose Warren Valve for your next project

Warren Valve supplies finished valves to the oil & gas, refining, pulp & paper, and petrochemical industries that are all supported by OEM’s, and fabricators across the world.

Common OEM valve settings, utilizing Warren Valve product, includes Meter Skids, Compressor Skid, Slug Catchers, LACT Units, Gas Dehydration & Scrubber Packages, Fractionation Units, and Stem Boilers, Burners, and Heat Recovery Systems.

Our stainless steel forged gate valves are a proven, durable solution for the high-pressure, high-temperature environment of the modern chemical plant.  Our cast gate valves are available in a range of materials, including stainless steel, alloy 20 and other exotic materials.  And our custom OEM products are engineered for outstanding quality, with a range of features available for your particular scenario:

  • Available in sizes from ½” all the way to 48”
  • ANSI Pressure classes 150# – 2500#
  • NACE compliance
  • Bevel gear options 
  • Double block and bleed, emergency sealing injection fittings
  • NACE and fire-safe standard
  • Valves available with full stainless steel body and trim

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