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Gate Valves

Warren Valve an oil & gas and industrial gate valve manufacturer, is a pioneer in the wedge gate valve market.  Manufacturing capabilities include ¼”-48”, ANSI 150#-1500#, in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy 20, and other exotic materials.

Care should be taken to select the most suitable Gate valve for your service. This includes Pipe Size, Valve Material, Pressure Temperature Rating, and Valve End Connection. Other key elements to take into consideration include Fugitive Emissions, and NACE requirement.

Gate Valves are used in every industry where piping systems need to be isolated, and flow must be blocked.  This inlcudes Oil & gas, Petroleum Refining, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Marine, Power Generation, Mechanical Construction, and Industrial Gas.

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Product Overview

Size Range Size Range From 1/4” – 60”
Pressure Range Size Range Pressure Range ANSI 150# to ANSI 1500# pressure rating
Material Grades WCB, A105N, LF2, LCC, CF8M, 316, 316L, A20, Hastelloy C, Other exotic materials
Trim Materials 13Cr, SS 316, A20, Monel, Hastelloy C stem and wedge
Packaging & Gasket Material Graphite or Teflon
End Configurations Raised Face, RTJ, Threaded, Socket Weld, Threaded X Socket
Standards Low Emmisions, NACE certified

Why Gate Valve?

Gate Valves or "Block Valves" are the most commonly used valve type in the oil & gas industry.  Gate valves are intended for on-off flow control.  When fully open, fluid flows through the valve in a straight line, resulting in minimum pressure drop across the valve. 

Closure is accomplished by moving the gate across the flow, through the valve body, into the seat area to shut of flow. Warren Valve offers both a flexible, and solid wedge gate design.  The more common, flexible wedge, is a machined disc, designed to mate with tapered integral seats in the valve body.  When the valve is closed, the disc wedges between the two seat rings to establish a tight shut-off.  Rugged construction allows for closure even with dirty fluids mixed with solids. 

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