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Carbon Capture Valves

In the path to net zero, many companies are looking at forms of carbon capture and storage valve systems to reduce CO2 emissions in industrial processes and large-scale power generation. Many of these industries produce C02 as a byproduct of manufacturing and/or rely on the high energy density and reliability of fossil fuel power generation.  These two factors, combined with the push to reduce CO2 emissions, make Carbon Capture a solution for reducing Industrial emissions.

Carbon Sequestration Valves

Carbon capture technology is decades old, but in the past has been expensive and difficult to implement at scale. However, over the past few years local, state, and federal governments have enacted tax credits and other direct pay programs to enhance the profitability and viability of large-scale carbon capture projects.

In order for carbon capture to work properly, all portions of the infrastructure must be thoroughly reliable and designed to handle an extremely high pressure and corrosive environments.  Warren Valve’s products have been used in high-stress and highly corrosive C02 applications for decades. Warren Valve’s products are battle-tested solutions ideal for the demands of carbon capture and sequestration. 

Many manufacturing processes generate significant levels of carbon dioxide as a by-product.  Examples include Ethanol refineries, fertilizer manufacturing, steel foundries, cement manufacturing, and coal-burning power plants.  All of these industrial applications produce significant levels of CO2.  Out of concern for climate change, state and federal governments are pushing to create a business climate suitable for implementing carbon capture and sequestration infrastructure.

Carbon Capture involves either the collection of CO2 before it enters the atmosphere, or removing the C02 from the atmosphere via the Direct Air capture process. Carbon Sequestration is the process of pumping C02 into underground rock formations.  Once underground the C02 can be stored indefinitely.  The C02 injection can also be used to increase the production and efficiency of oil and natural gas extraction from the rock formation.  

Capturing these gases and successfully pumping underground requires exceptionally reliable and durable infrastructure.  Warren Valve products have been used for years in high-pressure, high-stress environments in the petrochemical and oil & gas industries, making them ideal for use in CC&S projects.

  • For decades, Warren valve has worked with upstream and midstream end-users to manage C02 as a by-product for oil and gas production. Warren Valves are utilized in large scale separation units that process valuable oil and natural gas and remove C02 contamination, and the pipeline infrastructure to transport C02 for further industrial use or sequestration.
  • Warren supplies valves to the petrochemical industry, where media and feedstock is highly combustible and corrosive similar to C02.
  • Warren Valve products are utilized today in Industrial Gas applications that separate C02 and other atmospheric gases into useful feedstock for industrial and medical grade products. .
  • Our cast and forged valves have been used in saltwater disposal wells and offshore production platforms thanks to their exceptional corrosion resistance properties.

Valves for Carbon Capture and Sequestration

The Warren Valve product line is an ideal fit for the challenges facing a successful CC&S project. 

  • Our gate valves, ball valves, and check valves are durable, proven solutions to isolate and control flow through CC&S system.
  • Our check valves can cope with variable flow conditions and can protect expensive compressor equipment from backflow damage.
  • For added durability and immediate or emergency shutoff capability, our trunnion mounted ball valves achieve a long-term tight seal and require only a 90° turn for complete shutoff.
  • Warren Valve products and technical service team are proven to help reduce downtime for general maintenance.


In addition to our superior manufacturing processes, Warren Valve has engineered, designed, and manufactured products with outstanding quality:

  • ANSI Classes 150 – 2500 available
  • Valves available with full stainless-steel body and trim material
  • Double Block and Bleed, Double Isolation and Bleed, & emergency sealing injection fittings
  • Sealing materials suitable for high C02 concentrations and fire-safe certifications


Our commitment to quality is proven with decades of end-user preference to Warren Valve products.  Warren Valves exceeds industry standards to offer our customers nothing but the very best.  Contact us today to learn more.






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